Can We Be Honest

Integrity… what does it mean to you?  Webster’s describes it as a noun that usually means adherence to moral standards, or honesty.

During my career, my father made a point to talk about honesty and moral character as often as he could. I remember a discussion in particular, where he stated: “You know son, strip everything away from a person and all that is left, is their integrity”.

This couldn’t be more obvious than in today’s web world.  Creating a feeling of integrity and trust with your web clients is a bit of an art form. Let’s face it, they’ve had plenty of bad experiences out there and they’re slow to trust.

So how do you create Integrity on line? Well, if I had the absolute answer to that, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here writing a blog.  I’d be somewhere in the Caribbean drinking rum and stacking shells to the sky. Suffice it to say integrity is created over time – by your on-line words and on-line actions. You need to build the relationship via your web site and your social engagement. This means relationship building first and sales second. Consider the following:

  • “We’ve incorporated a video on our website that is conversational and gives the visitor a real look into our company and team on a personal level.”
  •  “We regularly post information that is related to our business, but has value and would appeal to our web audience.
  •  “We provide something of value at no cost to visitors that they can use, or enjoy”.
  •  “We are constantly listening and responding to requests, complaints, replies, and comments on our Social Media and blog posts”.
  • – “We encourage sharing and re-posting of information supplied on our website to other interested groups”.
  • “We are constantly changing things up, content, ideas, offers, specials, contests to give our visitors incentive to keep checking back”.

These are just some of the things you can incorporate now to engage visitors and start developing an honest relationship with your visitors. So take a look at you website and message. Strip away all the fancy bells and whistles, eliminate the pitch and look hard… your integrity showing?