Who are you anyway?

Roger Daltrey asked the eternal question as lead singer of The Who in 1978…”who are you anyway?”

Who are you to your customers?

Who do you want to be in their minds and hearts?

When I say your name, what is the archetype that your customer thinks of first?

It’s all about branding.  Before you market or advertise yourself, you need to brand yourself.  Branding starts on the inside of your company’s walls. Once you get that down, then you can actually market yourself to your potential customer.

Branding becomes the magnet by which your customers become attracted or repelled to you and your business.

In today’s new marketing world, the heavy lifting of brand creation still needs to come from the intrusive story telling ability of electronic mass media. Electronic mass media can put the consumer into the new car…the new suit…the new home…etc.  The consumer will not buy until (s)he sees themselves using the product or service.

Brand reputation is where social media comes in.

Since the goal of social media is to create communities, this is where your brand gets talked about.  This is where a virtual word of mouth takes place.  This is where your “community neighbor” either validates or eliminates a given brand from the decision making process.

Branding through electronic mass media puts you in the game in the first place.

Branding through social media keeps you there.

That’s how you not only take care of the “Who” but the “Why’ in this “Generation.”