The Darth Vader Guide to the Online Galaxy

Hello good citizens of the online world.  You know me best as the Dark Lord but as you may have heard, I recently retired from the ranks of the Death Star and am now pursuing other opportunities.

It seems I have missed a lot in this “online” world while I was concerned with other matters in space, so I thought it best I jump cape first into domination.

My 10 steps to online world domination

  1. SEO is the starting point.  Find Obi-Wan Kenobi and learn the ways of the SEO Jedi to get the technical skills you need to keep you strong on your journey.
  2. PPC can supplement.  Since I am very new to this game, I need results quick that I can work with so I am starting small PPC campaigns with my storm trooper friends to immediately dominate my traffic sector.
  3. Content is King or so I have heard.  When I find Content I will dethrone him and then Darth Vader will be King.
  4. Funnels are good to have in this online world so I have enlisted the help of the sand people (who are now my slaves) to rapidly develop these.  If I can suck people into my site once they arrive, I have a better chance of keeping them there.
  5. Calls to Actions are needed to aid the funnels.  C3PO and R2D2 will take the lead in creating compelling CTA’s – they are smart robots after all.
  6. Value and information are needed in this world and what I have to offer is dark and sinister so not a lot of people will be interested which leads me to my next step.
  7. Targeting my niche is essential.  I have to attract the bad people in this online world.  Once they find me valuable and trustworthy as a Dark Lord, they will buy my package of evil so they can each dominate their own part of the online world.  I will be the master and they my students.
  8. Keywords….this will funnel me back up to steps 1 and 2 now that I know my target audience I can better craft my keywords and message to attract the relevant traffic I need and find those interested in my online domination plan.
  9. Marketing will be essential.  I can’t just do everything above without putting something into place.  I need to stretch my powers outside of my website so I will find other sites that will link to me.
  10. Last but not least, this is far most the important aspect of my plan.  I need to reach out connect with my people.  The force is worthless here so I understand I need to create accounts and share and again use Content and value to engage my people.

I am off to find Content now as he will be integral to my plans…..