How to do a start up…at warp speed.

Gene Roddenberry was a brilliant CEO and could write a book on how to manage a start up. Seriously.

If you look at the crew (not the cast) of the original Starship Enterprise, you would see a talented team of people who brought in different strengths and balanced each others’ weaknesses.

Kirk = Passionate Inspirational
Spock = Logical Driver
McCoy = Emotional Caregiver
Scotty = Creative Problem Solver
Uhura = Caring Listener
Sulu = Stoic Facilitator

Everyone had a role and expertise and the puzzle pieces fit together.

Same principles hold true when putting together a team for a start-up company.

You need clearly defined roles and the talent fit to match.

You need to make sure there is some creative and talent tension that will push people so that the bar is continually raised. But too much tension…will break it apart.

You need to find people who have the ability to do more than the job description. They must have the ability to break glass ceilings.

You need innovators and adapters.

You need people with passion, ownership and integrity.

You need to be able to look before you leap and shoot from the hip at the same time.

You need someone who leads as a conductor does with an orchestra and you need very talented musicians.

You need people who will push each other and pull people through.

You need people to be able to wear multiple hats without losing their head.

You don’t need titles. You need leaders.

One final thing to remember with your start up…unless your names are Uhura or Scotty…no one should wear red…because no one is expendable on any given mission.