Monthly Archives: July 2012

Pinterest. Not just for women.

A lot of my close male friends and coworkers are now on Pinterest. Most males’ first reactions are “I thought it was just for cooking”. This is far from the truth. Pinterest is a way for males to exchange ideas in an easy, casual way. They may not pin ideas to their boards but the… Read more »

What We Can Learn From Pinterest

Pinterest is exploding. It’s managed to not only become the third most popular social media platform in use, but also the fastest website to break 10 million monthly unique visitors in the entire history of the Internet. That’s no small feat for a website barely over two years old. But what is it about Pinterest… Read more »


How to achieve better local rankings with Google Places

Local search ranking within the “place” or “maps” results can be difficult for many businesses and it’s no use chasing your tail over.   Google’s priority is to serve the most relevant business as it relates to your location and as it relates to their determination of authority. Above all, follow the Google Place Page guidelines… Read more »


The Darth Vader Guide to the Online Galaxy

Hello good citizens of the online world.  You know me best as the Dark Lord but as you may have heard, I recently retired from the ranks of the Death Star and am now pursuing other opportunities. It seems I have missed a lot in this “online” world while I was concerned with other matters… Read more »