Should I Go Mobile?

mobiledevicesWith all of the handheld technology connecting people today there has been a huge push for mobile websites. From tablets to cell phones, everyone is using the web to stay in touch and informed. What do you really need to do to keep up? Maybe nothing.

Take a look at what your company does and who your market is. If you are selling a product to men ages 65+, then you may not need to worry about a mobile option as compared to a pizza place that will deliver to you no matter where you’re at. If you find that mobile is the way to go then make sure you look at the entire mobile experience.

One of my biggest pet peeves with some mobile sites is that they don’t provide you with any way to navigate to the FULL website. Most mobile sites strip out unneeded images and content that use up bandwidth. This is great for fast load times but if there isn’t a way to see the full page, you may be unable to get the information you’re looking for. I find this extremely frustrating! I have also seen broken internal links to non-mobile pages due to how the site recognizes your device. Why would you create a mobile website with broken links?! This may be a good time to look into doing some spring cleaning as well.

There are many ways to go about addressing these issues. One is to create an entirely separate mobile website to direct people to such as or some other simple domain name. This will keep your full website available and let you focus on what the mobile user wants to access the most. If you are using a content management system, such as Drupal or WordPress, there are numerous plug-ins that will automatically display every page of your site beautifully on most devices as well as provide the option to use the full website.