Move over Elvis…content is king

You can build the best looking website design, with the most efficient functionality, hire the best of the best SEO strategy companies, build back-links until the cows come home, sign up for every directory known to man and have 4,564 reviews but they all will fall short if your content sucks.

Your web content is the fulcrum that makes everything else work.  You will tip to one side or the other, if your content isn’t real, relevant and engaging.

Tell your brand story and deliver your brand promise.  Tell them the why…they will figure out the when.

Your content is the seducer for your site.  It’s what gets people there, keeps them there and ultimately leads them to do what you want them to do.

Your website is only as strong as your content.  You can put that in writing.

Write for humans…the spiders will follow.