Tools are Just Tools

It seems like everyone out there is looking for the “magic Method” for digital marketing. Whether Search Engine Optimization, or Social Media Marketing, companies are inundated with groups, telling them that they have the “tool”, or product they need to solve their internet marketing challenges, and by use of their product, you WILL get to page one, you WILL get this many clicks to your website, you WILL get so many new Facebook, or Twitter followers ….blah blah blah. SEO Tools

There’s one thing that these tool gurus are forgetting and it’s called the Human Element. There is no magic formula, tool, etc, that will put your digital marketing in a pretty package wrapped with a success bow.

Tools are nothing more than launch pads, platforms to develop, run and monitor your campaigns. It’s the human element that initiates the conversation, campaign, ad etc, and it’s the human element that responds. One thing to also keep in mind is that there can be break downs with the human factor, and good internet marketing companies anticipate for human interactions and inconsistencies, and develop their client’s campaigns with that foremost in their minds.

Tools are tools…they help you magnify your reach, interact globally, and get you into the group. They  help you organize the party, help you to connect emotionally to your audience, and if used correctly, can give you measurable results.

But it’s the human element, the creative approach that helps to connect brand to emotion, product, relationship and interaction on the same level. Remember that Internet Marketing is a process, just like traditional marketing, you need to keep it simple, be creative, try new things, test and make changes when necessary. Tools won’t do that for you, but you and your customers can.

Remember, SEO, Social Media and Pay per Click campaigns are purely marketing channels.  Internet Marketing is conducted by human beings …and tools…are just tools.