The Four C’s of Digital Marketing

By now you have heard of the 3 R’s of education right? (if you haven’t, you might want to check into that).  fourcsofdigitalmarketing

Well…I am here to tell you about the Four C’s of Digital Marketing.

Content:  EVERYTHING you do with your digital marketing strategy starts with content.  If you are delivering relevant content to your consumer or your prospect…you will eventually engage them.

Conversation:  When you boil digital marketing down to its core element, it’s all about having conversations.  Not a monologue where you stand on the mountain top and orate…but a dialogue where you talk with your consumers and then give them permission to talk with each other about what you said.

Communities:  When you’ve done a good job of sparking conversation with your content, you create communities (Seth Godin referred to them as tribes).  Communities or tribes can make big things happen for you and your brand.

Conversion:  Ultimately, you want to convert your prospects into customers and customers into brand prophets.  If you’ve done the first three C’s well…conversion automatically will happen.  You won’t have to sell them anything…they will want to buy.

There you go…everything you wanted to know about Digital Marketing…with only one letter.