Image Is Everything

When it comes to marketing your business, IMAGE is everything.  So when it comes to your website, finding the right images is important.  I’ve worked on many websites in the past two years and I’ve found that nine times out of ten, they don’t have quality images or photography to connect with the viewer.

Knowing the kinds of images that will connect with your website visitor is key. I suggest discussing this with your designer to set a clear vision and make a list so you know what kind of images to take or look for. Then, you need to decide how you’ll get those images.

I suggest finding a professional that understands lighting and composition, which is essential to a quality image. I don’t recommend you head out with your point-and-shoot camera and hand the designer some images just to have them.   The cost of hiring a photographer can be daunting, but finding a good photographer in your budget is so important.  You can always use stock photography sites, but the pickings are usually slim and you may not be the only company using that image.  Having a photographer take images for your company sets you apart from the rest because your images are unique and you have more control over the connection they can make with your website visitor. It also gives your designers quality images to work with.  Good images = happy designers.

For example (see below images), I just finished a recent web design project that had a perfect scenario for finding the right images for their new site.  We had developed their site with a vision in mind for “life style” images.  I used placeholder images that I found on a stock photograph site to begin, but then I had a photographer take the exact images I was looking for.  The image composition contained members of this business and the setting in which they were photographed was recognizable to area city dwellers.  This gave the images a local or hometown feel that clients would recognize and feel a connection with.  Giving the viewer a connection to your business will help give comfort and knowledge to what your business is all about.

If you have questions on how to find a photographer, just ask your designer and they will most likely have several photographers they can refer.  Like I said IMAGE is everything.