Monthly Archives: May 2012

Google wants you to do SEO

Google’s mission is to help people find the most relevant and authoritative information on the web.  They continuously improve their efforts to move past the sites that scam the search engines into top rankings to pluck that golden nugget out of the muddy waters. Everyone seems to be scared of the Google algorithm and how… Read more »


Image Is Everything

When it comes to marketing your business, IMAGE is everything.  So when it comes to your website, finding the right images is important.  I’ve worked on many websites in the past two years and I’ve found that nine times out of ten, they don’t have quality images or photography to connect with the viewer. Knowing… Read more »


Breaking Down Google Search

You’ve wondered, how do search engines think and do what they do. Matt Cutts works at Google, starting as a software engineer and now is head of Google’s Webspam team. He created this video about how Google thinks:   Source: