You need a Website!

I recently saw an infographic that suggested creating a Facebook Page instead of building a website for your business could be a better option. Other than a few exceptions, I completely disagree! I can see how the potential savings and simplicity in using social media seem like an attractive option. However, social media and your website are meant to work together for your business. Not independently.

When a potential customer or client wants to look for you on the internet they are usually looking for specific information about your business. With a website you have the ability to organize that information as you see fit as well as customize the user’s experience. This separates you from the rest of your competition and gives people a visual representation of what your business is all about.

With social pages, it’s all about interaction. Not individuality. Networks like Facebook and Google+ should be used to get a feel for your market and to drive traffic to your website. Ask your “fans” questions, relay news about new products or upcoming events. By directing people to check out your website for more information you are not only getting instant feedback, you are helping your page rank in the search engines.

I know that there are some exceptions to the rule, but online success needs to be obtained through multiple avenues and your website is what connects them all.