Prop the Door Open

Remember how the old TV shows used to signify the general store or café was open? They would prop open the door, saying ‘Hey, we’re here – ready for your business. Come on in.’ That might be a little idealistic. Times have changed but the concept hasn’t.

Did you know that 80% of consumers are researching their purchasing decisions online before ever entering your store or even giving you a call? How do you let them know you’re open and ready for their business? Easy – Prop the door open, but in a different way.

The new door to your business for these online consumers is your website. Don’t have one? Hopefully you’ll start the process or you’re saying goodbye to 80% of the business that’s looking for you when you’re not open.

Have a website? Great! Your website makes sure you’re open 24/7 to give them the information they need. But that’s just the first step. Just like a store location is no good if your customers can’t find it, your website also needs to be found by your customers to keep you in the hunt for their business.

Today, propping the door open is making sure they can find you online. Didn’t understand why you needed search engine optimization before? This is it – SEO helps customers find your website that’s open 24/7 for their business. It’s the car that drives them to your online location. If they can’t find you, they certainly are buying from you. Is your door open?