Internet Marketing

At the core of your Internet Marketing is your website. It is there to allow people to learn about your business, for you to answer the questions the reader is seeking answers for, and to emotionally draw them towards buying from you. If that is all you have to do on the internet to market, that sure sounds easy. You have to accept that marketing involve s many tools; your website, Facebook, blogs, Google+, directories, YouTube, LinkedIn, review sites, +1, Likes, articles, etc.

When you market based on great content, here is how you inspire search engines to choose your website:

 Website Marketing outline

  • A directory points to your homepage.
  • Facebook post points to a subpage of your website. The subpage has the option for people to ‘Like it.’
  • YouTube video topic leads people to a subpage of your website that contains more info.
  • LinkedIn post where you answered someone’s question contains a link to a subpage of your website that gives a more in depth answer. The subpage has option for the reader to +1 it.
  • Customer gives you a review with a link to the employee’s subpage that helped them.
  • The blog on your website addresses a recent development with an internal link to a subpage with more information.
  • Twitter post directs people to a subpage of your website.
  • Writing an article as a press release includes anchor text that directs people to a subpage of your website on the same topic.

Did all that? It’s time to rinse and repeat!

Do you feel overwhelmed after reading it? You are not alone. In a broad view it’s simple, but the difficulty lies in the actions of doing it, the knowledge of how to do it, and the patience to watch it work.