Ghostbusters SEO Digital Marketing






Make sure you cross your streams

Remember in Ghost Busters when they were very careful not to cross streams but lo and behold, they ultimately had to cross them to get the job done?

Remember back in the day when your SEO was dictated completely by your on-page efforts?  You built it in the code and into the content.  Pretty simple stuff.

Remember when your social media efforts were more for fun than for your business?

It’s 2012…and it’s time to cross streams with your digital marketing efforts.

Now so more than ever, you need to have your on-page and off-page strategies on the same page…that’s why you need one company to handle it.

Mid-West Digital Marketing…we won’t find ghosts and goblins but will find spiders…or at least have them find you.

Egon Spengler would be proud.