What About Them?

At Mid-West Digital Marketing, I’m a sales guy. Every day I think about how to articulate to a company how I can help grow their business, what is the compelling reason why a business should listen to me initially, and what will I say when it sounds like they don’t want to meet with me?

I think about:

  • All the knowledge we have as a company
  • How great my company is at what it does
  • Other businesses we are helping
  • How current businesses enjoy working with us
  • How our DNA is a caretaker mentality to help businesses


It seems completely obvious that every business I call will say “YES” to meet with me.

But the reality is they don’t. That causes me to ask why? Why? Why?

When I go down this through process I have to stop myself and remember – what about them?

So I ask you – what about them?

Are you stuck only thinking about yourself? Is your website thinking about yourself? Is your SEO thinking about yourself?

If it is, take some time and answer these questions:

  • What is the list of potential emotions a reader of my website is feeling when they find it?
  • Inside these emotions, what do they want to know?
  • If I had only 50 words to acknowledge the emotion and relate it to my company’s ability to help, what are those words?
  • What day will you start changing how you talk to potential customers?