The Sum of its Parts

Sum of its partsHave you ever had one of those moments when you’re staring at your computer so long, the words start to look funny and have no meaning?  Today that word for me was “Cobbler”, as in the saying “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”. Individually, these letters have little significance but when arranged in this fashion they take on something new and recognizable. Each letter is a piece of the puzzle that doesn’t make sense without the rest. The whole is more meaningful than the sum of its parts.

Ever encountered a problem that you tried to solve without knowing all the details or having the pieces all aligned? I hear about this situation happening all too often to smart companies with website redesigns. A website provider asks a few canned questions and then creates a generic website with the promise of meeting the client’s needs.

Fast forward a year – the client wants to expand into the e-commerce space but their website doesn’t allow for it. Or the client adds a new service offering but can’t add it to their website without outrageous fees from their developer.

How do you prevent this from happening to you?

1) Make a list of anything and everything you think might apply to your online presence. “TMI” does not apply. You can never share too much of your current infrastructure. If you don’t discuss it in the planning phase, you’ll have a headache waiting for you down the road.

2) Choose a company that asks the right questions – a company that not only understands website design and development but also business growth. Your website should help your business grow, not hold you back. A company that gets business can help incorporate your vision for growth and ensure you don’t fall victim to frequent redesigns.