Nothing Like a Good Ol’ Who Done It

You know when you just sit down to relax and turn on the TV for a few minutes, only to be sucked into a show?  Come on now, I know you’ve done it. It happens to even those with the best intentions. For me, the culprit is always the detective shows – NCIS is my favorite but any old fashioned ‘Who Done It’ is just as effective. I’m addicted to the mystery, the uncovery and have to stick it out until they solve the case. And it’s usually that one small piece of evidence that gives the bad guy away.

Mystery - Customers finding you online Ever feel like there’s a similar mystery to marketing your business these days in the world of savvy online consumers? Or maybe there’s been a crime committed against you – no one can find you online! And with 89% of all consumers researching online before they ever (or if they ever) step into your store*, it’s more important than ever to get it right online.

So how can you ensure consumers find you in their search? Awwh, now that’s a mystery worth solving. And one we solve in the same way the detectives do – through uncovery and research.

Step 1 – Key Phrase Research – If we’re going to help your customers find you, we’d better start by researching what words they’re searching for when looking for a business like yours.

Step 2 – Look for Motives – Check out the competition’s  intentions (just like all the suspects in a case) to see if they have a motiv(ation) to go after the same key phrases you might want for your business.

Step 3 – Have an Air-Tight Alibi – Where do you want to be? What parts of your business are most profitable for you? Where would you like to see your business grow into in 5 years?

Step 4 – Find the Expert – Forensic scientists can solve crimes with one small piece of evidence that might have seemed unrelated and unimportant to anyone without expertise. Seek out a reliable internet marketing firm to take all evidence into account and find a resolution for you.

Want to solve your digital marketing mystery? Give MDM a call. Our Digital Strategy Builder will give you all these answers and many more, and will help you on your way to your own personal resolution. Case Closed!

*According to Hubspot