My Sentiment Exactly!

As much as I enjoy my job (and I do), some days I feel like I’m caught in some sort of data gold rush in which every marketing firm is trying to “stake it’s claim” in this rapidly changing plane called Digital Marketing.

I recently heard someone refer to our group as the people who seek to harness the “message of exponential change”…which I’m sure this person read on a recent social blog. If you ever took a marketing class, then you’ve heard about the 4P’s: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. Well, you can forget about those four, they retired. They’ve been replaced by Experience, Everyplace, Exchange and Evangelism.

Why have the basic marketing rules changed? The consumer has changed; they don’t view themselves as passive anymore. Their involved in the process from the beginning. They expect to have their attention captured on Facebook and Twitter RIGHT NOW! And if it isn’t, there are plenty of others on line that can. Consumers view themselves as having numerous options and their attention spans are forever getting shorter. They expect you—the business person—to make their lives more meaningful.

The bar for marketing departments just got raised. Recently I read a blog post about Sentiment Analysis, an up and coming form of text analytics. Sentiment analysis is a series of methods, usually implemented in computer software that detect, measure, report and exploit attitudes, opinions and emotions, in online, social and standard enterprise information sources.  Without getting to tech-y, Sentiment Analysis measures any information source that captures subjective data. Marketers can now get to the root cause of behaviors—explanation of behaviors that are captured in transaction and tracking records.

As Digital Marketers, this is what we do. We go deep and new tools are giving us a greater understanding of not only how we buy, but why. So why do we do it? Because at heart we’re researchers, we like to identify the whys, so our business clients can give their customers a better online experience.  So jump off the horse and stake your claim my fellow Internet Marketers! The fun is just beginning.