Logo Low Down

Why is a logo so important?  A logo symbolizes a company and provides an image like nothing else can.  It is one of many important elements that are often overlooked by many businesses.  A logo is a must to build a brand image because it conveys the qualities and thoughts of a business to the people.  Here are a few tips on how to design a logo that can help brand your business.

First, the shape of the logo is a make or break scenario. The shape should correlate with the name or be relevant to the business.  It is best to make the traits of the business clear to the customer.  Keeping shapes simple is more visually pleasing. Less is more when it comes to designing a logo.

Second, the style of font should not get lost in the shapes used within the design.  Finding a font that stands out but does not get lost is key.  The name of the company should stand out and be easily read. The name of the company is the focus and the other elements should come secondary when viewed.

Third and final, color also plays an important role on catching the eyes of viewers. The color has to be catchy but not awkward for the logo. Finding the color that will separate your business from the competition is always a challenge. I find engaging with the customers and getting their feedback helps in deciding what color(s) to use. Colors also affect the mood and feeling you give to your visitors. Check out our previous post on using color in website design.  Keeping your logo design focused on using 1 to 3 colors will help keep printing cost down and make it easier to print your logo on other marketing items.  For example, the company would like the logo printed on shirts.  Having a logo with minimal colors will be more cost effective and easier to have printed or sewn.  The more colors, the more costly marketing material will become.  Most logos I design are two colors and this has worked out well in all printing facets.

Two words I can leave you with that will help in this process are simple and clean.  Once you have your logo, then all the other design items will be easily constructed.  Your logo is the foundation to your company image.