“How did you hear about us?”

This is a question constantly asked by business after business. Before I started in marketing, I used to wonder why they cared. My thoughts were if I was there and ready to spend the money, then I didn’t want to be bothered by questions like this. However, after years of experience in the marketing realm, I now understand businesses are trying to figure out what forms of advertising are successfully drawing in leads.

Are you aware that you can track exactly who is finding your website? There are tools you can code into your website that tracks the path through which people arrive at your website. Google Analytics is a free tool to do this. It’s simple and will work for most businesses.

This information will also help give a more comprehensive view beyond what people searched for:

  • How fast do they leave your site?
  • How many pages did they visit?
  • What pages are not being visiting?
  • Where is the searcher located?

Answers to these questions will help you better manage your site and optimize the lowest cost per lead.