Year of the Social Media Mogul

An orphaned social media account is not only lazy, it’s bad for business. It’s easy to make excuses. I will get to it when I get to it…Maybe we will try rebranding…Is social media really that important? STOP!

An abandoned social media account is far worse than not having one. It says your company is not committed to being current and being present. It says you only go half way on things and it may even discourage new leads.

If your face is reddening as you read this because you have mistreated your social media accounts, fear not. Follow these five steps to rebuilding your relationship with your followers and fans.

1. Know your brand and the message you wish to communicate.

2. Know your audience and the means with which to engage them. Think like them. Don’t rely on tactics that solely push the promotion of your company.

3. Decide which platforms you want to use and have a tailored strategy for each.

4. Dedicate a specific person or specific group of people as the head of updating social media accounts and hold them accountable.

5. Map out a schedule of which platforms you are going to update and when…STICK TO THE SCHEDULE.

Social media is no longer optional, it is expected. Use the New Year as an opportunity to breathe life back into forgotten accounts. Make 2012 the Year of the Social Media Mogul.