Website Design Checklist

Over the years, I’ve noticed that sometimes clients don’t know what it is they can provide help the website design process run more smoothly.  If you’re looking to (re)design your website, here’s a list of ten things you can provide to help facilitate the process of website design:

1)      Logo

This is a key item to the foundation of the look and feel of the website. If you don’t have a logo or corporate identity, Mid-West Digital Marketing can help you with this first step.

2)      Color Preferences

Your logo will help with this, but there are many other colors that will enhance your logo and make your site look top notch. Colors also affect the mood and feeling you give to your visitors. Check out our previous post on using color in website design.

3)       Images

Giving the designer images that relate to your company will help the overall look of the website while cutting the costs of buying images.  Your designer will know if the images you selected are an asset to the design of the website.  If you know or can hire a professional photographer, this will not only give your designer quality images to work with, but will also make your site look more professional. Remember, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

4)       List five key words that describe your company

This will help draw a visual picture for the design team to get started.

5)      Determine if there is a need for E-commerce

Will you be selling items on your site?  Knowing this will help in the structure and manner in which the programmer will develop the website.

6)      Create an image of your ideal visitor.

Once you know who you’re serving, it’s easier to anticipate what they’re looking for in your website.

7)      Examples of websites

If you have a few examples of websites that you like, review these with your design team.  Be sure to let them know what you like and dislike, so they can steer clear of those design elements that you find unappealing or make sure they add certain elements in website that you do find appealing.

8)      List of primary navigation

This will help the design team draw up the site architecture.  The list of navigation should be the main items you would like your visitors to learn from your website.  What would you like them to know about your company and what message you would like to convey?

9)      Copy

Have a rough or final document ready with copy that you would like to display on your site.  This will also help in the site architecture and make the process a much smoother one.  At MDM we have professional writers that can help you develop your copy or polish existing copy.

10)   Editing your website

If you would like to make edits to the copy and images on your website, this is important for the designer and programmer to know up front.

Knowing these ten items before you get started with your web design team will make the process a much more enjoyable and manageable experience, giving you an better website and experience all together.