Digging Out

My Ideal Daily Schedule: Morning workout. Check. Healthy breakfast. Check. Off to work to be productive ….Almost a check until I walk out into the Wisconsin winter wonderland. While I love the beauty of freshly fallen snow, I’m not a huge fan of the time drained from my day by the extra layering to bundle up, the clearing of my driveway and the cars, and the delayed commute to work, especially with decreased visibility.

Ever have a goal that seems to have hurdle after hurdle thrown in front of it? Trying to sell your house. Looking for a job or a promotion. Growing your business.  Sometimes these daunting tasks can seem impossible but think about how we make it through the winter snow.

1)      Bundle up – Try to prepare yourself in the best way you can for the hurdles that might arise. I get cold out there, so I add layers to stay warm, especially when I know clearing snow is a time-consuming process. What hurdles might you run into? How can you be prepared so if they come up you’re not miserable out in the cold?

2)      Dig in – Or in my case, digging out of the snow. There’s no better time like the present. So tackle your hurdle head on and start taking some action. My driveway won’t clear itself and we can’t expect our dreams to be given to us. So we work at them. We chip away at them piece by piece and it starts by just deciding to pick up the ice scraper and do something about it.

3)      Take it mile by mile – In business and in life, you can’t always see the way to where you want to go. But you think you know where that destination is. Take it one step, mile marker or day at a time.

4)      Enjoy the journey – Anything worth doing isn’t usually easy or necessarily quick, so we might as well enjoy the process. If I’m going to be outside anyway, I’ll throw the tennis ball for the dog.

So when the next snow or any other kind of storm hits, will you be ready?