Monthly Archives: January 2012

A History Lesson

Did you know that Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing were first introduced in 1969? Seriously. In 1969, a marketer by the name of Jack Trout wrote in the national publication Industrial Marketing, “positioning is a game people play in today’s me-too market place.”   He made the case back then that the typical consumer is… Read more »


Year of the Social Media Mogul

An orphaned social media account is not only lazy, it’s bad for business. It’s easy to make excuses. I will get to it when I get to it…Maybe we will try rebranding…Is social media really that important? STOP! An abandoned social media account is far worse than not having one. It says your company is… Read more »


Digging Out

My Ideal Daily Schedule: Morning workout. Check. Healthy breakfast. Check. Off to work to be productive ….Almost a check until I walk out into the Wisconsin winter wonderland. While I love the beauty of freshly fallen snow, I’m not a huge fan of the time drained from my day by the extra layering to bundle… Read more »