Why Mid-West Digital Marketing?

First of all, let’s clarify something.  Even though Mid-West Digital Marketing is new, Mid-West Family Broadcasting has been working with businesses all over the Mid-West helping them “brand” themselves and grow their business for over 50 years.  It doesn’t matter what the message delivery platform is, the basic principles of marketing stay the same.  Partner with the client to find out where their pain is.  Help them say the right things to the right number of people, deliver results and accomplish the business goals.

We are in the connections business.  We connect consumers to business and consumers to consumers to build a community.   So that part…really isn’t new.

Over the last several years, we’ve found a significant number of business owners struggling with their internet and web strategy.

  • They aren’t happy with their website design and development.
  • They tried SEO and SEM and spent a lot of money with little or no return on their investment.
  • They built their website but there is little traffic coming to it (the “if you build it, they will come syndrome).
  • They are losing ground to their competitors.

That’s why we created Mid-West Digital Marketing.  There is a real need for a local digital strategy company that works as a true partner with a business; that understands what business owners are talking about and can deliver measurable results.

Again…same basic branding and marketing principles that we have been working with for over 50 years…just a different twist with new media.

Welcome to Mid-West Digital Marketing.  On your side.  On target.

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