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Timeless Design

In every graphic design blog and forum I read, the phrase “timeless design” pops up in discussion – usually referring to a classic logo so good that it never needed to be changed, and how if you could distill the qualities from it, you could design your own timeless logo. Whenever I see posts like… Read more »


PART 1: Spice up your online storefront!

Is your website just not “doing it” for you anymore? Does it make you say “Meh!”? Well in my next 3 blogs, I will be covering how to revamp your website to make it an awesome online store front for your business.  In this blog I will cover the first 3 crucial steps to starting… Read more »

Why do I love illustrations?

  Image found at   Why do I love illustrations?  Illustrations are a sure way to get people’s attention. And in the field of digital marketing, I am always looking for a way to make my clients stand out. Illustration is a form of commercial art presented as drawings, paintings or other work that… Read more »