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A London Search Engine

This past summer, I had the opportunity of a lifetime studying abroad in London and become a human “search engine”! I went knowing no one and with no prior knowledge of the city. While I was excited and enthusiastically embraced this challenge, there was a lot of exploring necessary to begin navigating the city. Thank… Read more »


The Reviews Are In

Do you read reviews online? Whether you’re planning a dinner out, shopping for a new car, or deciding which whitening toothpaste to go with to counteract your coffee addiction, you’ll probably turn to an opinion from a friend or a review on a business’s website or social media page. Reviews can have a great impact… Read more »


PART 1: Spice up your online storefront!

Is your website just not “doing it” for you anymore? Does it make you say “Meh!”? Well in my next 3 blogs, I will be covering how to revamp your website to make it an awesome online store front for your business.  In this blog I will cover the first 3 crucial steps to starting… Read more »