What The Oscars Can Teach You About Website Design

IOscars’ll admit I am a huge fan of the Oscars and by that, I mean watching the pre-previews that occur about two hours before the red carpet theatrics happen. Yes, E! News is my hot button on the eve of the Oscars and I’m not ashamed to admit it. While watching the all too beautiful people in their stunning dresses and handsome tuxes strut their stuff on the red carpet, I couldn’t help but think about how this could translate to website design.

So what do the Oscars have in common with web design and how can we learn from this? Think about why people watch the Oscars and how this is relevant to websites.

You need to be entertained

The Oscars are entertaining and that’s why people watch. From celebrity guest appearances introducing the awards to musical performances, there is an abundance of entertainment. Translate this to your website and think about what tactics will entertain your visitors. It could be through imagery, video, custom design, color or anything that creates a “wow” factor.

You need something nice to look at

You want to know what everyone is wearing and let’s face it, the fashion is to die for and not to be missed. Give your website some fashion sense and make it appealing to your visitor. Guaranteed they will stick around a lot longer and check things out if the design is on trend and nice to look at.

You need a reason to come back

The extravagant event may be long past, but in the nether regions of the fashion world talk of who wore it best/worst, after party shenanigans and other gossip tend to crop up days, if not weeks later. What are you going to do on your website to give your visitors a reason to come back? Try a blog, newsletter, video or even a tool or app they can use and chances are you will have a steady stream of returning visitors.