Social Storytelling Strategy

Social-Media-StrategyWhen I was a child, I loved telling stories in large social settings. I always thought I could fashion a tale that would keep people riveted. Of course, those people were my parents and family and keeping them riveted was a given since they had to listen. Luckily, I kept telling stories and rather than make them up, I became a journalist and wrote stories based on real events and real people. When you know what people want to hear or read or watch and can tell that TRUE story in a way that compels them to keep watching, reading or listening, you have accomplished a difficult feat. Good storytelling these days isn’t easy to come by.

What does storytelling have to do with a Social Media Business Strategy?

Take a look at your Facebook feed right now. Do you see tons of Buzzfeed articles shared from your friends orĀ  Onion articles? Do you click on them? If you have clicked, did you read the entire story?

How about the first “sponsored” post you see. This is an ad in your Facebook news feed from a business page you follow or a business page your friend follows. Does the little ad tell a story in anyway – via the photo you see or the content of the ad? Would you click on it? Was it compelling?

Businesses need good Social Storytelling if they want visitors to their websites.

The photo and message are great in the social post, you told a great mini-story and people click through. But, what is the story you want to tell on your website? Is the message compelling or it is “buy me” copy that is only selling, not telling?

Getting people to click to your website isn’t easy. Once you get them there, keeping them on the site is even more difficult.

Do you have a social storytelling strategy that brings people from your social platforms and keeps them on your site?