Having the Right Contrast to Stand Out

When it comes to designing a website, one primary design tool that I always use is contrast. What is contrast, you may ask? It’s the difference in color and brightness of the objects within the same field of view.

A design without contrast is causes the user’s eyes to drift around without settling on anything particular.  Contrast is important when drawing the user’s attention to essential aspects of the interface. It also helps the user understand the relationships between the navigational elements on the page. Contrast is the primary means of communicating conceptual groups in information design. In the diagram below you can see the importance of contrast. The top left layout shows a visually neutral layout (no contrast), the top right layout shows a visually guided layout, the bottom left show a layout that points out key elements, and the bottom right layout shows overuse of contrast.

When elements in a design are different, users pay attention.

When it comes to contrast, Mid-West Digital Marketing will help you standout in your market!  You will not blend in like the visually neutral layout in the top left of my diagram.  We can give you the right contrast to stand out!