Become a Thought Leader with Content Marketing

Content Marketing StrategyAsk anyone with a little SEO know-how, and they’ll tell you that creating new content regularly isn’t just important for moving up the Google ranks, it’s downright necessary. With the drastic changes in Google’s algorithms over the last couple years, having a web strategy that doesn’t include content isn’t going to get you very far. But is creating all this content just good for the SEO?

By creating fresh, but most importantly, quality content, not only will you get a boost in SEO, you’ll also start to set yourself up as a thought leader in your industry.

To get started working on a knock-out content marketing strategy, think about what sort of information your customers are looking for. Odds are, you get the same questions from customers about your products, services, or industry on a regular basis. And odds are, customers are searching for the answers to these questions online. Use these questions as as starting point and begin building your content strategy.

As you begin to answer these questions with a blog, whitepapers, videos, infographics, tweets, or any other form of digital content, you’re building your brand’s image as a expert, and ultimately, building trust with people who could be customers.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, content does convert. Research suggest that blogs are one of the most influential digital resources when it comes to making a purchase. They’re even beating out Facebook and all other social networks in terms of influence opinion.

Customers are out there, and they have questions – are they coming to you for answers?