Need a light?

Ever need a spark?

Creative juices running low?  If so…try some of these to light or re-light your fire.

All of them work for me. Depends on the mood, time of day and what kind of spark I need at the time…but these tend to do the trick.

Make something with legos. Matter of fact…deconstruct first and then make something completely different.

Go for a long run.  Read. Doodle. Lie on your back and stare at the clouds.

Draw (which is an advanced version of doodling).  Sing in the shower.

Write words…not sentences. Workout.   Try yoga.  Do a puzzle. Shoot hoops by yourself.

Go for a walk. Listen to music. Drink coffee. Drink wine. Play with your kids.

Go out on a date (it’s even cooler if you sit at the bar).

Talk to a bartender. Sit in complete silence for five minutes.

Want to try something really crazy? Try all of these in one day. I promise there would be enough of a spark to light every cigarette ever smoked in one season of Mad Men!

Now go ahead and light your fire. Jim Morrison would be proud.