I resolve …

turn-the-pageAre you one of those people who every year….right after the new year…put some undue pressure on yourself by saying I am going to do this or lose that by this date?

Yup…I am talking about the dreaded New Year’s resolution.

Why do we think when the calendar turns a page, it is the one time for us to turn a page as well?

There is no need to wait until this time to reflect with the purpose of doing things better moving forward.

From this point forward, resolve to do a New Day resolution.   Every day of your life.   Big or small.  Doesn’t matter.

I resolve to do what I can to make this day better than the one that just passed.

I will learn new things.

I will take chances.

I will do things better.

I will leave my comfort zone.

I will develop new ideas.

I will commit to excellence.

I will move the needle.

I will pass go…AND collect my $200.

I will build a better mouse trap.

I will move my own cheese.

Turn the page on yourself…every day…not just once a year.